Arts make up 4% of all sponsorships in the market. According to ESP Properties, in 2018, arts related sponsorship revenues are projected to reach $1.03 billion, which is a % increase over the previous year.

In an Ohio University - Corporate Survey Research study, multiple corporations were asked what the greatest threats were to traditional sports sponsorships. Some of the top responses were: lack of activation, low quality activation, too expensive, and poor servicing.

With such an important property type in the industry, it is more and more important to protect arts sponsorship relationships. These threats are real, and it is becoming clear that properties must invest more resources into making sure fulfillment and activation is on point. SponsorCX can help you disarm these threats and ensure deeper and more clear activation and fulfillment for your partnerships.

We will help you in your arts sponsorship fulfillment and activation efforts by providing the following:



  • Assign responsibilities to both property and brand contacts
  • Communicate in one central location with all property partnerships
  • Manage Events, Assets, and Tasks that remind users when work should be completed

Artwork Approvals:

  • Single location for all artwork approvals and updated marks and logos
  • Artwork linked to assets and tasks

Media Schedules:

  • Multiple file uploads/downloads including video and audio
  • Clear direction on media schedules with interactive calendar

Proof of Performance:

  • Visual proof of performance to ensure all assets are fulfilled properly
  • Ability to upload media directly from an event


  • Identifying and outlining added value.
  • Customized reports showing assets and tasks that need to be worked on.