Effective Sponsorship Communication

Effective Sponsorship Communication

There are many ways you can be successful in your sponsorship activation and fulfillment, but the fundamental principle that provides a gateway to success or failure in sponsorships, is the art of communication. Sponsorships are not a plug and go solution like sending a simple radio spot to a station to run X amount of times for the month. It takes dedication and focus to make sure all the details are executed properly and that both the property and sponsor know exactly what their roles are in making the partnership successful.

As you communicate through your partnership, it is more than just exchanging information. It is about making sure both sides feel like they are involved in the process by sharing thoughts and ideas to ensure they are invested in the success of the partnership. Both the property and the sponsor need to understand the responsibilities each have in the activation and fulfillment process.

In the digital age, communication can still be very effective and efficient through online platforms. Digital platforms help make communication fast, quick, and easy to get information to each other. With that said, these programs are available to “enhance” the face-to-face conversations that take place, not replace them fully.

How well are you communicating with your partners? Let me outline a few things to think about, and hopefully this will provide some thoughts on how to take your sponsorship activation and fulfillment to the next level.

  1. Listen: Most specialists would say listening is the backbone of great communication. When discussing sponsorship activation and fulfillment, it is important to listen to your partner and reiterate what has been discussed. Giving a summary of the conversation can help both parties know that they were attentive to what was discussed, and both know what is to be done.

  2. Be Present: It is important to be efficient and effective in communication. Get together consistently (i.e. monthly) to discuss the elements of the sponsorship, and see where there can be improvements. This shows your sponsor that you care about the partnership and its success. These are the moments that solidify a deeper relationship with them.

  3. Outline Responsibilities: Since there are so many details in a sponsorship, it requires both parties to have significant roles and responsibilities. Both the property and sponsor need to get tasks done in order to fulfill the sponsorship assets. Finding a transparent digital solution that both sides can access to outline responsibilities is extremely important. Visit www.sponsorcx.com to see how this sponsorship software can help you in these efforts.

  4. Share Feedback: The most successful partnerships are the ones where both property and sponsor can provide clear and honest feedback. Develop a relationship with your partners where this form of communication can be present. Make sure this communication is positive and appreciative. You can have constructive feedback and still make it positive by the tone of your conversations.

Author and former presidential speechwriter, James C. Humes, once said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” When we are able to communicate effectively in our partnerships, then we can build strong relationships of trust. In all aspects of life, people follow those they trust. As you master strong communication in sponsorships, your partners will follow you for years to come.

Hopefully this provided some insights into how communication is important in sponsorship activation and fulfillment. Feel free to share this blog with others.