Huntsville Havoc

The Challenge

The Huntsville Havoc faced significant challenges in managing their sponsorship inventory and sales tracking. Their process was heavily reliant on spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies and constant back-and-forth among team members to ensure assets were not being oversold.

The Solution

What set SponsorCX apart for the Huntsville Havoc were several factors: the platform’s user-friendly interface backed by a supportive and knowledgeable staff; the centralization of sponsorship management, allowing for a seamless transition from fragmented and inefficient processes; and the promise of streamlining their entire sponsorship effort into a single, manageable system.

Key Features

Inventory Management

The ability to easily add and manage assets within agreements eliminated the guesswork and inefficiency of spreadsheet management.

Accounts & Activities

SponsorCX provided a unified platform for tracking all accounts and activities, ensuring every team member had access to up-to-date information and could act accordingly without unnecessary delays.

Pipeline & Dashboard

The introduction of a structured pipeline and intuitive dashboard enabled the Huntsville Havoc to maintain organization across their sponsorship initiatives, offering real-time insights into their operations and significantly improving decision-making processes.

“Navigating the transition from spreadsheets to SponsorCX was remarkably smooth, thanks to the incredible support from their customer success team. The level of organization and efficiency we’ve achieved with SponsorCX is unparalleled, not to mention the live chat support and proactive customer service that have been exceptional throughout. SponsorCX hasn’t just met our expectations; it’s exceeded them at every turn.”

Nolan Kaiser
Director of Corporate Sponsorships at The Huntsville Havoc

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