Valero Alamo Bowl Case Study

The Challenge

The Valero Alamo Bowl faced significant challenges in managing their sponsorship processes. Relying on inefficient and error-prone methods like Excel spreadsheets, the team struggled with inconsistencies and disorganization. Multiple stakeholders were involved, further complicating their workflow. The need for an effective solution led them to explore options, eventually discovering SponsorCX.

The Solution

SponsorCX stood out primarily due to its customization and flexibility, particularly the ability to custom build according to specific needs. SponsorCX’s development team provided personalized attention, ensuring the platform fit perfectly within the Valero Alamo Bowl’s unique requirements.

Key Features

Inventory Rate Analysis

The feature that revolutionized the Valero Alamo Bowl’s process was the ability to generate up-to-date inventory rate analysis reports quickly and easily. This functionality significantly reduced manual effort and enhanced accuracy.

Customization and Flexibility

Working with SponsorCX’s development team, the Valero Alamo Bowl team could tailor the platform to their specific needs, addressing their unique challenges in sponsorship management.

Consolidation of Processes

The move from multiple disorganized spreadsheets to a single, unified platform helped the Valero Alamo Bowl streamline their operations, significantly reducing the risk of human error.
“Working with SponsorCX has revolutionized our approach to sponsorship management at theValero Alamo Bowl. The platform’s flexibility and ability to be customized to our specific needs have been phenomenal. The most impactful feature for us has been the inventory rate analysis, simplifying complex tasks into a few easy clicks. SponsorCX has not only streamlined our processes but also enhanced our operational efficiency and accuracy dramatically.”

Luke Hendry
Business Development, Valero Alamo Bowl

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