The Utah Grizzlies

The Challenge

The Utah Grizzlies faced significant operational hurdles in managing their sponsorship processes. Their primary challenges revolved around the inefficient tracking of contracts and ensuring the fulfillment of these agreements. In addition, the team grappled with a cumbersome process of manually managing assets and inventory, especially after the contracts were signed. Compounding these issues was the lack of a streamlined system for tracking and demonstrating proof of performance, leading to disorganization and inefficiency.

The Solution

A critical aspect of SponsorCX that appealed to the Grizzlies was its customizability and suitability for smaller, minor league teams, addressing their unique needs effectively. Offering them a streamlined and organized place to manage every aspect of their partnerships was a big selling point.

Key Features

Mobile App

The mobile app streamlined the process of capturing and sharing proof of performance, eliminating the need for manual compilation and email-based communication.

Inventory Management

The inventory management feature offers automatic updates during agreement finalization, efficient management and tracking of individual assets, and a robust filtering system.


The fulfillment tracking feature allows the Grizzlies to seamlessly monitor and manage their sponsor commitments, ensuring that all deliverables are met promptly and accurately.

“SponsorCX has been amazing at providing us the ability to improve our communication line with partners, while saving our partnership’s team countless hours of organizational headache. With the software’s automation and approval system, our team has more time to meet with clients and explore new business, rather than managing inventory and contact information. By optimizing our agreement process, SponsorCX gives us a better ability to prioritize partners over paperwork.”

Noah Hill
Director of Game Operations, Corporate Account Manager, Social MediaManager at Utah Grizzlies

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