Lake Country Dockhounds

The Challenge

The main challenges faced by Lake Country DockHounds included the need for a more organized fulfillment process, streamlined invoicing, and a centralized system for storing fulfillment and assets for effective recaps.

The Solution

SponsorCX emerged as the preferred solution for LakeCountry DockHounds, offering a unique blend of customizability, user-friendliness, and efficiency. SponsorCX was open to adapting and customizing features to meet the specific needs of the DockHounds.The platform’s ease of use and its capability to organize and streamline fulfillment processes effectively, while providing timely status updates, made it a standout choice. This alignment of technology and client requirements ensured a seamless integration into LakeCountry DockHounds’ operational framework.

Key Features

Quickbooks Integration

Seamless financial management and invoicing capabilities.

Reporting Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard to track and measure annualgoals and revenue.

Inventory Tracking

Efficient management and tracking of sponsorship inventory. Moving away from countless spreadsheets allowed the DockHounds to keep their inventory accurately accounted for.

“SponsorCX is a huge time saver.Having all the tools in one place not only gives us an advantage but also revolutionizes the way we manage our sponsorship processes. Overall, SponsorCX has transformed how we do things, making us more organized and efficient than ever before.”

Trish Rasberry
General Manager of Lake Country DockHounds

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