Five Ways SponsorCX Creates Efficiencies

Five Ways SponsorCX Creates Efficiencies

Every property or rights holder wants to increase the efficiency by which they manage their sponsorships. When they are able to operate at a high-level of efficiency, their sponsorship revenues increase and inefficiencies decrease, resulting in a healthy organization. Properties and rights holders know that various tools and software exist that can help them improve their operating efficiency.

Whether you are a property or rights holder looking to get out of your spreadsheet nightmare, or your using an old antiquated software, having a system like SponsorCX can make a difference for the better in how your sponsorship management flows. Take a look at these five ways SponsorCX can help you take your property to the next level:

  1. Managing Sponsor Relationships: The SponsorCX platform allows you to better manage your customer relationships and dramatically improve your sales process. You can manage all prospects and current partners with the ability to update them in real-time. The software also gives you the ability to track conversations with sponsors, set reminders to follow up, and create custom fields.
  2. Inventory Management: When onboarding, any inventory listed on spreadsheets can be mass uploaded into the software making it an easy transition. From there, the platform allows the property to create customized inventory assets for any property-type, and as agreements are signed, the software provides visibility into what inventory has been sold vs. proposed. All inventory has templated tasks associated with them to make the transition to fulfillment much easier.
  3. Simple Agreement Creation: All agreements are easily created from the inventory stored in the SponsorCX platform. When the agreement is ready to be sent to the sponsor, no need to copy and paste from old contracts. The property can click a button and produce a full legal document ready for signature making the contract creation super easy.
  4. Easy Fulfillment & Task Management: Manage multi-property assets in one location with an intuitive task management fulfillment portal. Through this portal, the property has the ability to invite a sponsor to collaborate on all asset fulfillment providing full transparency within the fulfillment process. Both property and sponsor can connect on general tasks, artwork approvals, and proof of performance by uploading various files. This process makes the fulfillment process consistent throughout the year instead of creating chaos at the end of the year with various recaps.
  5. Mobile App: No other sponsorship management platform has the ability to manage your sponsorships directly from your pocket. Quickly access your sponsor’s contact information so you can reach out. Capture notes on calls, emails, lunch meetings and link them directly from your phone. Also, to make the fulfillment process even easier, use the mobile app to capture proof of performance photos and videos in real-time while at the event, and upload them directly to the software. Notifying your sponsors immediately of the great work you are doing for their sponsorship investment. The SponsorCX mobile app has made sponsorship management even more efficient.

The SponsorCX platform gives you the ability to integrate every sponsorship process at your property. Also, your property becomes much easier to run when there is just one solution for sales, inventory management, and fulfillment. It is truly end-to-end sponsorship management.

As you research other platforms, it can become intimidating to narrow down which one would be the best for your property’s needs. Before you make a buying decision, focus on what will really help your property flow more efficiently, allow for better organization, and save you a lot of hours in your day. As you do research with this mindset, you will see how SponsorCX can be an effective solution.

Jason Smith