Social Media's Role in Sponsorship: A Property's Perspective

Social Media's Role in Sponsorship: A Property's Perspective

Social media is a crucial component for properties (or sponsees) to leverage when it comes to sponsorship activation. In this blog post, we will discuss how properties can use social media to enhance their sponsorship activation and achieve their goals

1. Create a social media plan

The first step for a property is to create a social media plan that aligns with their partner’s sponsorship goals. These plans should include the social media platforms that are most relevant to their target audience and the content that will be shared. The plan should also include the frequency of posting and the metrics that will be used to measure success. The property should collaborate with the sponsor on this plan to ensure that their target audience is being reached as well, and their brand is prominently featured.

2. Promote the sponsorship

The primary goals of sponsorship activation are to promote the partnership, create awareness, and convey a narrative. Social media provides an excellent opportunity for properties to achieve these goals. Use social media to share content that highlights the value of the sponsorship and the benefits that it provides. Create posts that showcase the sponsor's brand and the partnership.

3. Engage with followers

Engaging with followers is essential for properties to build a relationship with their audience. Respond to comments and messages to create dialogue about the sponsorship. Share exclusive content that provides a unique perspective of the sponsorship activation. This will drive engagement and grow the audience.

4. Leverage sponsor's content

The sponsor is likely to have a significant presence on social media. Leverage the sponsor's content and share it on the property's social media channels, and encourage the sponsor to do the same with your content. This will help amplify the sponsorship and increase the reach of the content. It also shows the sponsor that the property is actively promoting the partnership.

5. Create shareable content

Creating shareable content is a crucial aspect of sponsorship activation. Shareable content is content that is entertaining, informative, and valuable to the audience. In order to be shared, the content must be top notch and very relevant to followers. When people do decide to share, the sponsorship’s reach is multiplied exponentially.

6. Measure success

Measuring success is essential for properties to determine the effectiveness of their social media strategy. Use analytics tools to help sponsors see the value your partnership provides by tracking engagement, reach, and the impact on sponsorship goals. This information can be used to refine the strategy and improve future sponsorship activation.

Wrexham FC is an amazing example of utilizing social media to leverage their sponsorships. They have capitalized on their popularity by being very active on their social channels, reaching higher Twitter views than Arsenal and Liverpool. This has led to big sponsorship deals with many high profile companies like Tik-Tok. These deals off the field have changed the club’s course and propelled them to their record shattering performances on the field. 

In conclusion social media is a powerful tool for properties to leverage when it comes to sponsorship activation. By creating a social media plan, promoting the sponsorship, engaging with followers, leveraging sponsor content, providing unique access, creating shareable content, and measuring success, properties can enhance their sponsorship activation and achieve their goals.

Jesse Thayne